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Dark Lolita

Posted on July 15 2012


Related article: Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2006 09:45:27 +1000From: iarwain7 Subject: Double The Trouble. Chapter 28.This story is dedicated to Tim Mead and Mickey S for their friendship,interest and encouragement over the years.Story Description: Peter, a sixteen year old Year Eleven student, finds hisnew High School very different to the one he left. The people aredifferent and some of the happenings are very different.The river re-visited.Usual Disclaimer: If you are not 18 years old yet do not read.If you are offended by male to male Dark Lolita sexual content definitely do not read.If the laws in your state or county forbid this type of material, do not read.Otherwise enjoy the story and genuine comments will be appreciated.The author retains copyright (2006) to this story. Reproducing this storyfor distribution without the author's permission is a violation of thatcopyright.This story is fiction.Thank you Nifty for the opportunity to post this story.Chapter 28.Since it was Saturday Peter had a lovely sleep-in till almost eleven, andafter feeding his face, went back to bed to read, which he managed happilytill Andy walked in at one. This was a change of plan since they weren'tmeant to meet for training till two."Where are we going?""We're picking up Colin now instead of after training.""Oh, right."Except that wasn't the only change. At the pool when they parked next toBrent's car everyone piled into the wagon and Peter was informed they weretraining out at the river."The river? Andy, I'm meant to help mum this afternoon.""No you're not. She said for us to stay away till at least six o'clock.Rob's helping her."So that was what her comment about having a good time meant. Except,exactly what did it mean?"What are we really doing?""Training. We can't miss out on that, but then we can muck around.""What sort of mucking around? Everyone smiled when you said it.""Brent and I reckon those kids'll be back again, trying to catch someoneelse, so we'll catch them instead.""Are you serious?""Peter, they embarrassed you so much. That's terrible.""Embarrassed! This from the person who organised me out of my jocks lastnight then got Kenny to give me about twenty boners.""Twenty? Couldn't have been! You'd be rubbed raw after that.""Well I am!"Oops, wrong thing to say. Now there'd be a check-up."Yeah, really? What d' you reckon Brent? I saw you helping Kenny a coupleof times!""It must have been a lot! There was a thing going between Kenny and Justinand Paul to keep Peter boned as much as they could.""That's what was going on? I wondered why they were hanging with Peter somuch. God Peter! You must have been randy as hell when you got home. Isthat why your shower-room light stayed on so long?""What?... Um!"Tricked again! Peter blushed and the laugh went round the wagon. Andycouldn't even see the bathroom from his place."Are we going to spend all day just talking about my boner?""It's a pretty big topic Peter."Matthew! Traitor! The friendly payback digs lasted the rest of the way tothe church car Dark Lolita park. When they reached the flat rock, Andy sussedeverything out. Interestingly enough, Peter found himself caught up withthe intrigue as the plan to catch the kids developed. It was simplereally, and for nearly an hour and a half they took it in turns of aboutten minutes to keep watch from behind some shrubs right at the bend wherethere was a clear view, while everyone else did their training in the deepstretch of water."Someone's coming!"Sure enough, Brent was signalling from the lookout point. Everyone rushedto their positions. Peter, Colin and Matthew moved further upriver andstarted fooling around where they'd be easily seen. Of course they werenude, and they stayed at the shallow Dark Lolita edge to make sure that was obvious.Andy and Marty ducked behind the spots they'd chosen and Brent was alreadyin a good position. The bait for the trap was two piles of clothes, bothin plain view, the first on the flat rock, which needed some wading toreach, and the other beside a log about ten metres past the rock. It tookforever! Dark Lolita It didn't really, but it was an amazingly strong temptation topeek towards the rock to Dark Lolita see if anything was happening. It could beanybody, but Brent would soon let them know that. He didn't, so it had tobe Brian and his mates. There were a couple of yells and Peter's headwhipped round in time to see one figure leaping into the shallow water.There was another figure on the rock, holding some of the clothes, whiletwo were running down-river from the log. They stopped when Brent appearedand blocked their escape route. By the time Peter, Colin and Matthewarrived they'd all been herded onto the flat rock where it was awkward forthem to make a sudden dash. They looked shocked but somehow they weren'tpanicked. Andy, Marty and Brent were all smiling and Peter had a feelingthat something had been said to set them at ease. Andy was in charge.When wasn't he?"Which one's Brian?""Um ...Me!""So what were you doing with our clothes?"Brian thought fairly quickly, but not very well."We were.. um.. moving them over there where it's safe."Brent laughed out loud and Andy's grin got bigger."Oh yeah, safe like they were at the bridge?"Brian didn't try another story, just gave a reluctant nod. Andy turned tothe one standing near Marty."What's your name?""Paul!""Was this your idea to nick our clothes?"He shook his head."So, who's was it then?"They were total give-aways. Three Dark Lolita of them glanced straight at Brian, whoin turn looked guilty as hell."What d' ya reckon Brian?""What? ...What d'ya mean?""You know what I mean. Fair's fair."It took him a couple of seconds to work that out."No way!""You'll get them back if you do."More seconds went by."You'd keep them?""Not really. But you might be collecting them from the bridge some timethis evening.""Just me?""All or none!"Brent butted in."Have a laugh Brian. We did last week as soon as we got our stuff back."The change in Brian was instantaneous as his reluctance became a kind ofwary confidence."Pervs!""Pay-back!"It was the same interplay between Brent and Brian that had occurred at thebridge, and the grins flashed between them. Brian pulled his shirt overhis head and Brent moved closer to take it. The shorts came off next toreveal some jazzy blue satin boxers."Hey Andy! Let's give him a chance.""Like what?""He keeps the boxers if he can race one of us.""Well it won't be me. You know what I'm like at swimming."Brent acted like it was a done deal and asked Brian who he wanted to raceagainst. What a pair of con merchants! Brian looked from Peter to Matthewthen back again. Size was obviously the criteria being used and he pointedat Peter."Hey, that's too easy. They all have to be in it."Brian turned to the others and gave them a go-ahead look. The clothes cameoff and they lined up at the edge of the rock, two in boxers and two injocks. Brent pointed to a spot twenty metres away then yelled out, "go"!They'd been conned again. Not only because they didn't have a hope againstPeter, but also because in the dive both sets of boxers came off and thejocks ended up at knee level, hampering their efforts. When Peter stood upand looked back, one of the guys was still swimming, one was treadingwater, and the other two were holding the edge of the rock. Brent was inthe water waving the boxers and when he reached the rock he tossed them toColin. The swimming guy finally stopped, and Peter couldn't help grinningwhen he saw him hitching up his jocks. They floated back to the rock andthere were embarrassed faces as Marty pulled each of them out of the water.It couldn't have been too bad for them though, as there were now ten nakedguys, plenty enough to be one of the crowd. The impression Peter had inhis mind that they were younger kids had been way out. It must have beenthe way they carried on at the bridge that made him think that, with thewhistling and hooting, and they'd only seen heads peering down too. Theyweren't kids at all and checking them out, Peter figured them for yearTens, perhaps a year behind him."Where's the camera Matthew? We'll get the pictures of them shaking theirdicks now."Matthew had brought the camera, but it didn't come out till later. Thiswas just Andy stirring. Everything got all friendly and by the end of thenext half hour it was just a group of guys hacking round together. Brianseemed to be on the same wavelength as Brent, the Mr Hyde end of thespectrum, and Andy's natural charisma had every one of them eating out ofhis hand. Brent gonked out. He'd worked the morning instead of sleepingin, so everyone else move further up the river to one of the sandy sectionswhile he found a spot to Dark Lolita have a doze. Brian looked like he was having aheart attack when Marty lifted him onto his shoulders, but that started atrend which turned into one of the chaotic battles like the one in the poolthe night before. Brian called them a pack of cheats when it came out thatthey were in a swimming team and demanded a re-run of the challenge fortheir clothes."What for? You guys were going to skinny dip and hack round anyway. Let'smake it interesting, if you're not chicken.""Interesting? Like how?""You'll see. Me and Peter will show you this game we know."What game? Peter had a feeling that Andy was setting him up. They had tohave a fair start of course, and when that was worked out they choseMatthew as the one they wanted to race, still hung up on their idea thatthe bigger guys must be faster. Again they didn't have a hope and theywere goggle-eyed that their handicap had meant nothing."Are you guys all fish or something?""We're all pretty good, but Matthew, Peter and Brent are champions.""Wow, who's the fastest of all of you then?""Matthew. We call him Bluey `cause of his rude speedos. If he wanted tohe could be in the Olympic Games.""Serious?""Yeah, and Peter's next. Call him Big D.!""Big D.?""Well it's pretty big isn't it? Wait till he puts on a show for us."There were grins and nods as Peter's dick became the focus, not that hehadn't already seen them checking him out."It's famous too. We'll tell you about it later, because you were sointerested in it last weekend. Come on Peter. We'll show them the gameand find out how good they are."Famous? What on earth was he Dark Lolita talking about? Matthew and Brent said that,but only between the three of them. The four guys gawked when they heardthe rules for the grabbing game, gawked more when Andy and Peter started ademo, then triple gawked when two boners developed. Andy just laughed itoff."No big deal Adrian. Don't you know any growers?""Growers? Um ...Yeah! Brian is, but it's so big though."Adrian was the one looking the most fascinated."Come on, time to pay up."They were embarrassed all over again, but did they ever concentrate.Danny, the short wiry one, turned out to be way better than the others andBrian, as Adrian had said, most definitely was a grower. He laughed it offthough, telling his mates they'd be paying for what they'd done to him.Twenty minutes later Peter knew that he was in for something. They wereall relaxed, floating in the shallows Dark Lolita or sitting on the sand talking, whenhe noticed Andy looking at him with evil in his eyes. He had the four guysround him, listening to something that was making them cast their own evillooks. Peter ran, then struggled, but there was no escaping fourdetermined pursuers, and a couple of moments later he was immobile on thesoft sand."Go on. He doesn't mind and we won't let him move."Oh God No! Peter nearly died while four sets of hands tickled himmercilessly."That's it. Now try that special trick and you'll see why he's famous. Goon Brian."Five curious newcomers, Colin had to be included, and three grinningtraitors, watched, engrossed at the effect of a finger in a belly button.Andy reached through and gave a squeeze."Keep going. He's nearly there. That's it! Here Adrian. Check out howrodded he is.""Check it? You mean touch it?""Like this. Come on!"There was a battle between nervousness and curiosity, and curiosity won.Adrian copied Andy's action, very softly at first, but with the promptingfrom all sides that changed quickly."It's enormous! It feels like it's gonna burst."He moved aside and four more sets of hands did the checking, then threemore, while Peter listened to the biggest load of bull he'd yet heard fromAndy. Kind of factual at the start, it rapidly became ridiculous, andMarty and Matthew backed it all up."You can see why it's famous! Our swim team made it their mascot and heshows it off every day after training!""A mascot? As if! Who'd have someone's dong for a mascot?""You don't believe it? Ask Brent then, Brian, and see what he says.""Brent's asleep!""No he's not! Go on. Ask."The heads turned where Andy was looking and sure enough, Brent was walkingtowards them."Hey Brent, has your swimming team got a mascot?""Yeah, Big D. The best ever! We haven't lost a comp since that bonershowed up. It brings us luck."Andy gave them an `I told you so' look."Keep checking. You only stop when his balls pull up.""What d'you mean?""Adrian, you know what it means. He'll blow off right over his head if youdon't stop then.""Shit! Over his head?""Feel it again. Anyone that randy's not Dark Lolita gonna be a dribbler."Adrian had another grope, then had his hand pushed aside by Brian whoreckoned he didn't know a boner could get so hard."Isn't it weird with everyone holding your dick?"Peter started to say Dark Lolita yes but Andy took over again."He's so used to it now he loves it. He bones every day for the team. HeyPeter! How many times did you say you boned at the pool party last night?""Twenty!"It was a combined call from Marty, Matthew, Colin and Brent. And it reallywas convincing. How could they possibly all give the same answer? Petercould see the same conclusion on all four faces."Hey, do you guys have a medical check at your school? You know, where thedoctor makes you cough?""When he holds your nuts? Yeah!""When the doctor saw Peter this year he took measurements and photos tosend away somewhere!""Ho-ly! That wouldn't be his boner though. They don't check that.""No. Hey Brent, tell them how we got the $300.""The $300?""For Peter's dick!"Brent did the best job ever of covering his surprise involvement."You sure? We weren't going to tell that to anyone.""Might as well. They know everything else.""All right then. They could even try it themselves if they want to."Peter nearly choked as he listened to a story of how they'd made a model ofhis boner with plaster of Paris and sold it to an adult shop."That white stuff when you break your arm?""That's it! It's tricky. We had to keep him boned for twenty minuteswhile it set, but he can last ages. What's his record Matthew?""One-hour and 38 minutes. Just last week."What a lot of drivel! Brian's eyes were darting suspiciously hither andthither, but the other three were swallowing it holus bolus."Hey Adrian, why don't you have a try? See if you can keep him boned foran hour.""Isn't that a bit... um ...gay?""No way! It's just mucking round. That's normal. Matthew's dad's apsychologist and he told him that 80% of young guys do it with their mates.We do! You should see Andy wanking."As if connected, the four heads swivelled from Brent across to Andy andBrian acted as the spokesman."You wank in front of each other?""Yeah, sometimes. Peter does it the most though, but he's randier than therest of us. Keep him boned for long enough and you can't stop him."With that he headed for the water and left the Dark Lolita group to the matter at hand.Peter made as if to get up, but Brent, in a Mr Hyde move, held him inplace. The hands never left him. As soon as one finished the next waswaiting, ready to take its Dark Lolita place. Adrian was particularly keen, and in hismind Peter labelled him as another Kenny when his checking got more andmore adventurous. Jeez! He was way cranked up. Why was Brent getting himto stay there? Matthew was enjoying himself too by the look of the cheesygrin on his face."Adrian, you kneel on this side and Brian on the other.""What?""You have to join in. We always help each other. Brent, you wank withPaul and Graham.""Now?"They didn't believe what they were hearing Dark Lolita from Peter. Well, they didn'twant to believe it but they did. Brian looked towards Andy and Martyfloating in the river."I think I'll have a swim."Ten seconds later Andy and Marty were surrounded with new company."Just when it was getting interesting you chickened out Peter.""Very funny Brent! Where's my $300? And you just wait Matthew! You'llfind out about one hour and 38 minutes!"They dived on him then carted him into the river to cool off. Five o'clockturned up before they knew it and the whole mob headed off together, thefour new adventurers wheeling their mountain bikes and talking all the way,mostly with Andy who had them in the palm of his hand. Brian stuck withBrent and tried to organise the group to meet up again, but the most he gotwas a maybe in a couple of weeks."Hey Andy! We never made them do the shakes for us."They were on the way to pick up Brent's car and talking about theafternoon's events, which everyone agreed had been very successful."We talked them into the grabbing game Brent. That was Dark Lolita enough.""D'you reckon they believed all the stuff we said about Peter's boner?""Doubts about Brian, but the rest did, even the plaster of paris. That wasbrilliant. How did you think of it Brent?""He tried it on himself. That's how!""Yeah, that's right! Except I got $500! And I'll bring the stuff roundfor you Andy since you're so interested.""Andy can't keep it up for five minutes! Don't waste it!""Five cents Marty! That's what you'd get!""So what do you reckon they'd pay for yours then?""About $1000! Probably more!""Sure! In a joke shop!"And so the banter continued.The end of chapter 28.Author's Note.I hope you're gaining some enjoyment from this story.Any comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated.My email address is iarwain7ains.net.auShould you be interested, my other stories can be found by looking under'Iarwain' in Dark Lolita the authors section on Nifty.Contact me if you'd like to read the stories in their original Word format.Iarwain.
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